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We have simplified web development to help you get your website faster and quicker. Website development has never been simpler. We have everything you need to go digital from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are looking for an affordable simple one-page website, a blogging Wordpress website or e-Commerce website, you can complete the entire process without leaving your home. We have gone digital and simplified the process of delivering your website online. Complete Online services, from website selection to final product delivery.

Wordpress Web Design

Get a Wordpress Website for your business, personal use, blogging, medical practice, agency or non profit organisation. We have real-live wordpress web designs online you can select from, these designs are illustrations of what your final product can look like - they can be customised to fit your individual needs.
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e-commerce Web Design

Get professional e-Commerce websites for your business and start selling online today. We have years of experience in e-commerce web design and will create your e-commerce website to fit your individual business needs. Whether you are selling items you manufacture or want to start a dropshipping business, we can create your e-commerce store.
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Top SEO Services

We believe in intergrated web development, where SEO is built in to the web design from the foundations up. Some of the web design Johannesburg templates are already optimised for max loading speed. Optimised designs are marked with "fast loading" ribbon for easy identification. If SEO is your priority, you want to pick these designs.
Dont take our word for it, you can test these fast-loading websites using Google Page Speed insights tool and see the score for yourself. The rest of the SEO journey is simpler, when the foundations are right 👍🏿.
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Web Applications

We create complex web applications for multiple uses - you could be looking to build a website that requires a database, connects to an API or get data from other websites. Our web applications are customised for your individual needs, schedule a free online consultation and discuss your requorements.
Our experience in web pplications include - organisational databases, client relationship management (CRM) tools, in-house social media platforms, web-scrapping applications, API based web applications - displaying real-time data from APIs, human resource management systems and client ratings and reviews websites. We incorporate login schemes, email - login, social media login as per client requirements.
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Tati Digital Web Design and Website Builder - Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your website unique is the images and content. The majority of web designers also use website templates themselves, web-templating is one of the fastest growing business online. Designers just change some colours add different images and charge new clients for the same templates. We allow you to enter this process and do it yourself, saving the money you would have paid developers to do the same thing.

Because of the online template system, we are able to provide the same professional designs at affordable prices.

Out one page templates come with a user-friendly client login area. Just as you entered your website information, you can update the content at any time. We will not charge any extra for updates, as soon as you have completed you update, simply re-publish your website and the changes will go live immediately.

This is possible because of our intelligent cloud based content management system, all your website content is stores securely in the cloud, accesible from anywhere. The website rendering always uses the latest information you enter in your back-end.

As often as you like, you will not break the system.

We have development options for Wordpress as well - which works different. You can select the Wordpress theme that you like, and we will develop the Wordpress website for you, and give you the login to continue managing it yourself.

We have eCommerce development options as well. We can build you an eCommerce website on Shopify or WooCommerce depending on your preference. Check out the eCommerce Section.

This depends on the type of website that you purchase from us. If you choose to use our online web based site developer, you will have a hosting account with us. We will take care of all the website related matters and you will get full support for as long as you maintain the monthly hosting with us. You can of course cancel at anytime, but for as long as you are hosted by us - you will get full technical support, unlimited website updates etc.

If you choose the Wordpress or eCommerce option - both hosted on Wordpress, your website will be fully handed over to you in one month. You will be responsible for maintaining the hosting payments with the hosting provider of your choice, or use the default that we provide. The website and FREE domain we will give you, will be transferred to you and your name, however you can contact us freely if you need further support to discuss how we can help you.

We also offer content production services that is SEF (Search Engine Friendly), this means that we can write your website content for the search engines as well as for humans. SEF writing means, we will design your content help your website rank for specific keywords that is relevant to your industry. We also offer SEO services, which go beyond web design and content production, read more under out SEO page.

The online web builder developer tool works in teal-time, as soon as you enter the website information and save it, it is served to your website. When you "go live" - your website will be immediately published on the url that domain.

We start working on your website as soon as you complete the purchase. In our experience one of the biggest bottlenecks in the development process is how long it takes for us to get information and feedback from the client.

Therefore, if the client is fully available and provides us with all the information we require (includes all website content) - we will have the website ready in just a couple of days.

If we have to produce the website content and do SEF (Search Engine Friendly) content writting - we might require a week or two, depending on the size of your website.

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