Top SEO Services
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By definition seo is the practice of increasing the quantity of organic traffic to your website by optimising your website for search engine ranking.

Our TOP SEO SERVICES include Key word research, Website SEO audit, Page speed increase, Search engine optimised website content producing, blog writing, backlink building and local citation.

Top SEO Services

Top SEO services
Let us help your business with the following essential SEO services.

Key Word Research
Keyword research is probably the most important step in a good SEO strategy. If you dont get it right, you will either share the traffic with too many other competitors, not rank at all or miss converting traffic altogether. There is a science behind keyword research and finding that optimal balance between keyword competition, search traffic volumes and converting intent keywords.
Our services include complete key-word research, we will check your current or proposed key words agains googles key word planner to determine the most optimal keyword for your business. We will utilise these keywords to optimise your on-page SEO. This means we will advice or help you with your on-page content for SEO, using the selected key words.

SEO audit
We will do a complete SEO audit of your website and identify all the key improvement areas. These include both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. We will do a full on-page SEO audit, analyse your current SEO practices and work on improving the optimisation of your website itself to help it rank for the keywords that you want to rank for.
Our audit report can be used as a check-list for your SEO project, whether you hire us or another SEO company, you can use the report to track progress and determine all the areas you need to work on to improve your on-page SEO.

Page Speed Optimisation
Our company will provide your with your current page speed results from Google Page Speed Insights tool. Page speed optimisation is one of the key determining variable in the google search alogorithm, and we have you covered for high loading website. We can work with your existing website to improve your page speed on items that can be improved on. Based on the SEO audit, you might require a full website overhaul because page speed is mostly linked to basics of web design such as hosting provider, images used, JS and CSS.
All the websites we design from scratch come complete with page speed optimisation, from the hosting provider to website themes used. Read our blog from the newsroom on fastest wordpress themes of 2020, to get more information on website page speed.

Search Engine Optimised Content creation
We offer website and blog writting services to fit any keywords or industry. We will produce Search Engine Friendly (SEF) website and blog content that speaks to seach engines, but also appeals to humans. Blog are known to help increase website traffic, but most businesses do not have the time or in-house capabilities to maintain a blog. This is why we have started a blog writting service. Our blogs will be written according to best practices on readability and SEO score. All you need is to provide us with your topic and key-words to use. If you dont have a topic, we can get one for you based on your website niche and key-words.

Backlink and Link-Building
The final step is backlink creation and building your link-profile on the internet. Backlink creation is a crucial step in Search Engine Optimisation, we will do all the hard-work required to create backlinks for your brand based on your selected key words and industry. We use ONLY use white-hat methods with reputable high domain authority assets, you can check the status and progress of our link building using any online backlink tool as we work on your project and watch your google rankings climb.

Read more about SEO in our news blogs.

Local Citation and Directory Listing
We also offer local citation link creation. This is crucial in ensuring that you apprear in local google searches for your business. If your business is "medical doctor", you want to make sure that your website shows up everytime someone searches for a medical doctor in you local region. We will list your business in relevant industry specific local directories and ensure you are indexed for local SEO.

Why does your business need SEO
Why is SEO important?

There are more than 4.2 billion internet users and 40 000 of those internet users are doing a google search every second - Source Article

If your business is not online, you are not in business. 93% of all online experience begin with a search engine and only 75% of people scroll past the first page of a google search.

More practically, how did you get here, to this page right now? over 90% of people reading this got here through a google search and this is why you need SEO.


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